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C-Log China

B2B, retail and wholesale logistics, international transport, transport distribution China

distribution transport c-log


Retail transport, e-commerce transport, warehouse return, last mile, freight forwarder

transport tools c-log

Transport tools

Real-time traceability, responsive tools, customization, accessible anywhere in the world, transport control

import and customs transport c-log

Import and customs

OEA-Full certification, customs expertise, peak management, monitoring and optimization, customs clearing


btob logistics, Marketing logistics, quality control, fashioning, raw material management, personalization

E-commerce Logistics

E-Logistics, customization, management of peaks activity, packaging design, logistics reverse

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After becoming an expert in BtoB logistics, transport and customer service, C-Log has now become a major player in BtoC logistics and transport. Whether you are looking to outsource all or part of your logistics activities, lower your costs, share or diversify your distribution channels, ... we are here to help you in all of your projects.

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