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STUDY: The concern of the French has led to an anticipation of Christmas shopping

Noël étude sur les achats

The end of year celebrations are fast approaching! In this context, Oracle Retail has unveiled a consumer study on the apprehension of French people about delivery times and the consequences of this feeling on their buying behavior for Christmas.




As part of this end of 2021, the subject of the study conducted by Oracle Retail highlights the repercussions of consumer concern on the way they buy.

For several years and all the more so since the health crisis, the French have had to adapt to the various situations in which they find themselves. As Christmas approaches, once again, they organize themselves to have a good time with family and/or friends in the best possible conditions. Nevertheless, the fears of the latter have intensified this year for various reasons.

Indeed, possible stock shortages, delivery delays or even potential price increases represent risks that can make consumers doubtful and worried. These concerns may have led some French people to heighten anticipation compared to previous years.


The effects of this worry on purchasing behavior


Late delivery is a phenomenon feared by a large majority of consumers. The challenge for the supply chain is to avoid these delays as best as possible in order to satisfy all French people.

Despite everything, as a precaution, the figures show that a large part of the French people considerably anticipate their purchases. Indeed, according to the study, 39% intend to buy earlier than usual or have even already started their Christmas shopping.

In addition, still in this desire to anticipate possible problems, 12% of French people want to order more gifts in order to be sure to receive a minimum of products.

Following this purchasing behavior, returns will be substantial since at least 35% of consumers expect to return gifts.


The major role of C-LOG during this peak of activity

To carry out this very rhythmic period, C-LOG plays a leading role as an omnichannel supply chain provider. Everything is done to meet the needs of consumers as soon as possible. Indeed, meeting consumer expectations in terms of e-commerce delivery is one of the fundamental issues at C-LOG.

Because of its adaptability and responsiveness, C-LOG is a benchmark in its field. It supports its partners over the long term to guarantee a remarkable customer experience.

Here is what C-LOG offers to respond to peaks in activity:

A reorganization of stock
Optimization of the picking path
Strengthening of teams with the arrival of new employees
Opening of the various warehouses on weekends

Whether it is e-commerce logistics or retail logistics, C-LOG knows how to adapt to its partners.

To find the full article from Ecommercemag.fr > Les Français anticipent plus tôt leurs achats pour les fêtes de fin d’année

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