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Consumer expectations in terms of ecommerce delivery

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The firm Temando unveiled a study on consumer expectations in terms of ecommerce delivery.

What are the expectations of e-customers regarding ecommerce delivery ?

For many consumers, the variety of choices and prices of ecommerce delivery methods can be a drag on the purchase. 83% of French e-customers put priority on free delivery in relation to the speed of delivery. Today, 86% find the fees too high. 54% are even willing to go to the store to avoid paying them.

Good news for merchants, 63% of e-customers are ready to buy additional products in order to benefit from free ecommerce delivery !

Returns are not left behind, since consumers want more than a free solution for 77%, a simple process type deposit in post office or locker.

What impact on your supplychain service ?

The need to adapt to these new constraints is more than ever necessary for E-commerce brands. Thus, each supplychain provider must offer adapted solutions for its ecommerce transport. To entrust this service to a service provider like C-Log is to have a very wide choice to meet the expectations of its customers.

For free delivery first :
  • Home delivery
  • Relay Point Delivery
  • Delivery in Luggage
  • Delivery in post office
  • Delivery in store
  • Delivery on specific time slot
  • Sunday delivery
Then for e-commerce returns :
  • Carrier collection
  • Choice of return options
  • Back in store
  • Other depot at collection point
  • Deposit at a post office
  • Free returns

To discover our entire offer, visit our ecommerce transport page.

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