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CSR commitments: C-LOG is experimenting with a new ecological means of transport

Engagements RSE C-LOG expérimente un nouveau moyen de transport écologique

C-LOG attaches great importance to Corporate Social Responsibility. For several years, the company has been committed to the environment by implementing new actions in the daily life of the company as well as in its logistics and transport offers.

The company has the will to reduce its impact on the environment and in this environmental approach, it implements several actions in order to meet its commitment.




As part of last mile transport, C-LOG has decided to integrate a new means of delivery into its offer. Indeed, since the beginning of the year, this specialist in the Supply Chain of the fashion sector has been collaborating with the company Les Triporteurs de l’Ouest.

Les Triporteurs de l’Ouest is a Rennes-based company that has specialized in urban logistics for a dozen years.

Thanks to this partnership, C-LOG delivers more than a dozen points of sale thanks to electric-assisted tricycles. These points of sale are located in the Malouine and Rennaise conurbations. Scooters are low-emission vehicles which therefore reduce the environmental impact of deliveries.

This means of transport delivers to the CACHE-CACHE and BONOBO stores in Saint-Malo Intramuros and also in Rennes Colombier.


In parallel with this project, C-LOG continues to carry out actions in favor of the environment, in particular with local partners. For example, it collaborates with Les Moutons de l’Ouest on its Breton warehouses or with the Al Lark association.

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