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DECISION ACHATS – Three levers to optimize your parcel and pallet transport purchases

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The transport strategy of a company proves to have more and more impacts on its development. The large number of offers on the market can become a real headache for brands. Transportation costs are also becoming a major obstacle to good financial health. Anticipation and support take on their full meaning through a transport outsourcing.


Various transport offers

The possibilities are numerous and companies must master all transport flows. For e-commerce in particular, they must offer a wide choice to satisfy their customers.


Optimize transport : decision-making tips

For the magazine, the choice to use a transport provider makes perfect sense :

Transport providers are multiple. Around large integrators gravitate to hundreds of SMEs, more or less specialized in a niche, a segment, a region … At a time when the quality of delivery has become a differentiating factor, the purchasing department must look closely at proposals. In a logic of optimization, it is better to avoid sticking to the only negotiation of tariffs. Other levers equally or even more effective, can be operated in support of the supply chain service.


In a process of optimization of its supply chain, obviously the question of a possible outsourcing. The purchasing department must then conduct a very thorough study of costs. Accompanied by other departments of the company, it must examine the consequences of internal organization and customer service. “At a lower cost or equivalent of internal logistics, customers benefit from more efficient logistics. Thanks to our volume of transport purchases, and even with our margin of freight forwarder, customers save 5 to 10% on their transport purchases, “says Bertrand Chabrier, Director of Development of C-Log.

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