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Web destocking : dropshipment with or without collection

différence entre dropshipment et inshop c-log

For their ephemeral web sales, brands are turning more and more to a very specific flow format: dropshipment. Providers must adapt to a new complementary demand: in-store collect.


What is dropshipment ?

The dropshipment is to deposit his stock in a warehouse so that it prepares sales “web” to a final bind as soon as possible. Brands use this type of service when they do not have in-house skills. the stock of the sale is sent to the provider to be installed on an ephemeral area. Web sales can then begin and be shipped within the standard market time.

But brands are now turning more and more to another format: that of the inshop. It is for the provider to collect the stock directly in the points of sale. The parts are then sorted by mono-reference in warehouse and then prepared according to the sales made. The provider can again take over the delivery to the final client.



The benefits of dropshipment or inshop in ephemeral web sales of products are numerous for particular fashion brands.

The marketplace or the brand that orchestrates the sale touches a wider consumer panel to unload its unsold products. that the brand is not able to process and send orders according to the deadlines imposed by the terms of the sale. Example: an expedition in 48h or 72h is impossible.

Sometimes internal logistics and transport services are not suited to such a demand. Then turn to a specialist with the human, technological and especially the experience is reassuring. Thus, the brand can focus on its core business (trading and current sales) and rely on an expert.

To gain even more time, and not wait for end-of-season returns, brands have now also the choice to collect residual stocks during the season at the points of sale. This offers the advantage of destocking the current season before it ends but also to give way to new products. In this case, the collected goods may be subject to compliance and control before being redirected.



At C-LOG, our partnerships with destocking sales specialists such as Veepee or ShowroomPrivé have given us the experience to handle shipments in 72 hours. Thanks to our expert teams in e-commerce logistics, the orders of your customers are in fact reassembled immediately in our software and processed in the wake of our agents who prepare these orders with the utmost care according to the level of service required.

Our status of freight forwarder allows us to make you benefit from the best collection services according to your needs and specificities for your inshop operations and delivery to the final client for your dropshipment operations. Late season transport and e-commerce transport have no secrets for us.


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