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Emilien’s testimony

Supply Chain Project Manager at C-Log

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” I joined C-Log in 2012 on a work-study contract before being hired in 2013 as Methods Manager. Two years later, I aspired to take a Master’s degree in Supply Chain at IAE Caen. C-Log accompanied me in my study resumption project. It was two busy years with seminars on Friday nights and Saturdays but the game was worth the candle! I graduated in June 2017.

From now on, I am Supply Chain Project Manager. The position consists of piloting the projects within C-Log and the Beaumanoir group and ensuring the achievement of objectives while respecting the commitments of quality, cost and time.

The animation of project teams, the diversity of topics and the dynamism of C-Log are the elements that motivate me on a daily basis. “

Emilien, Supply Chain Project Manager at C-Log


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