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Eric Bourgeois speaks on BFM TV

eric bourgeois

Recently, Eric Bourgeois, General Manager of the Beaumanoir Group was the guest of the Week on BFM TV channel.

This interview was an opportunity for him to express himself on current issues related to the Group as well as its performance. Here is an extract of the information to remember :

About the presence of the Beaumanoir Group in China :

  • Cache Cache is one of the top 20 favorite Chinese brands.
  • China represents ¼ of the Group’s sales.
  • 1,000 points of sale are present.
  • The Group is counting on spectacular growth.

About the Chinese market in general :

  • This is a market where you have to be very focused.
  • It offers excellent mobility.
  • Its online activity sweeps across Europe and French teams are sent to enrich it.

Concerning the Beaumanoir Group :

  • This is the first French textile group in terms of point of sale.
  • The Group has chosen to internalize all services in order to sell them to external customers (digital and logistics).
  • Proximity to customers is the number one priority of the Group, which now offers services close to luxury (eg with La Villa Bréal and La Villa Morgan).
  • Innovation is always at the heart of concerns with products fully equipped with RFID chips for traceability.
  • The VIB’S multi-brand concept is so popular with customers that around 50 openings are planned.

C-LOG, the other pillar of the Beaumanoir Group

Finally, Eric Bourgeois spoke about C-Log and its impact on the Beaumanoir Group. “This activity (C-Log’s supply chain) has become so effective, relevant and competent, especially on the subject of omnichannel, that it has become a real topic of diversification for the Group. ”

Indeed, the quality of service of C-Log has been put forward especially for its ability to master end-to-end supplychain brands. From logistics to transport, C-Log has become an important growth driver for the Group thanks to its expertise on services up to the delivery of the last mile. Thanks to its recognition, C-Log is now approached by external brands wishing to benefit from its know-how.

To find the full interview of Eric Bourgeois, visit the website of BFM TV > http://bfmbusiness.bfmtv.com/mediaplayer/video/le-groupe-beaumanoir-rencontre-un-grand-succes-en-chine-1702-1037191.html
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