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FEVAD has revealed its annual report on the state of the market

La FEVAD a révélé son rapport annuel concernant l’état du marché

The Federation of e-commerce and distance selling has just released the e-commerce cartography, 2022 edition. Following the various studies carried out by FEVAD in collaboration with polling and opinion institutes, a summary of essential e-commerce indicators has therefore been published.




The publication of this annual report on the state of the market presents the key figures for e-commerce 2022.

First of all, the number of French people buying on the internet continues to increase with a total of 41.8 million buyers. It is important to emphasize that the consumption and expectations of the French are changing. In addition, more than 50% of e-shoppers make their purchases via their mobile.

As Marc Lolivier, General Delegate of FEVAD, points out, “In 2021, internet sales exceeded 129 billion euros”, which represents more than 15% compared to 2020.

Finally, regarding purchasing habits, the average basket is 60 euros on average (-0.8% compared to 2020).




According to the IFM, the 2021 online turnover of the clothing sector is 5.7 billion euros.

In the top 15 products and services purchased, the “Fashion-clothing” category ranks first with 60% of e-shoppers.

Fashion brands recorded an increase in web activity equal to 102% in May compared to 2019. Nevertheless, it should be noted that this is a drop of 40% compared to May 2021.




This complete assessment of e-commerce in France shows that the growth of this sector has boosted job creation during 2020 and 2021.

As a logistics provider and transport provider, C-LOG has effectively recruited many employees in recent years. In order to respond to peaks in activity, C-LOG has been able to offer solutions adapted to its partners in e-commerce logistics and e-commerce transport.

With regard to logistics, C-LOG offers multiple reception, storage, order preparation and shipping services. It is also possible to personalize each order to ensure an optimal customer experience.

Regarding transport, at C-LOG, we offer many delivery offers that meet the expectations and needs of your customers. Thanks to our IT tools, as a partner, it is possible to have visibility on the status of orders with real-time traceability as well as a dedicated after-sales service team. C-LOG continues to develop new transport offers in order to best adapt to the market and new consumption patterns.


This is why we continue to recruit new talent to continue accelerating and transforming the business. If you too would like to join the C-LOG company, all you have to do is go to our page dedicated to recruitment and go to the available job offers or directly submit an unsolicited application.


To discover the full FEVAD annual report: “E-commerce key figures

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