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Estelle’s testimony

Finance Project Manager at C-LOG

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Wanting to build my own professional experience, I applied for a position of reception secretary at C-LOG for the Pleudihen-sur-Rance site. The fact that this was a job creation appealed to me because everything then had to be done and developed. So I was hired in August 2005. My main mission was to support C-LOG in setting up time management such as warehouse staff schedules (writing requirements, training and creating support). In a few months my missions have multiplied and a new resource has accompanied me. I was then offered a position of Management Assistant, before advancing as Administrative Manager.

With the growth of C-LOG, the new customers and the new warehouses to integrate, the multiplication of flows … the workload of the team has increased and the service has therefore been reorganized into two poles: management control. ‘on one side and process and tools on the other. This allowed me to grow as a Project Manager and become a manager of two people (a management assistant and a process and tools manager).

What I enjoy most about my job is participating in projects related to finance and being in constant coordination with other departments in the company to ensure data reliability. What I like about C-LOG is having the opportunity to learn and grow with her ! 


Estelle, Finance Project Manager at C-LOG


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