How are fashion retailers adapting to today’s consumers?

New consumer habits have had a considerable effect on fashion. Indeed, the pace in fashion has accelerated in recent years.

Number of collections per year

In the past, there were two collections per year. Today, however, the collection process has changed. The vast majority of brands now offer more than two collections per year. Depending on the brand and its range, the number of collections varies. With the advent of Fast-Fashion, there has been a transformation in the fashion industry. Moreover, the trend was mainly initiated by the Haute-Couture brands. The objectives of this increase are linked to the desire to respond as much as possible to the expectations of consumers and their constant desire for novelty. It is also a way of expanding their offer and diversifying to stand out from the competition. This trend of increasing frequency of collections can be found in all levels of the range.

New concepts

Currently, there are about 4 to 6 collections per year on average. To renew the offer and continue to diversify, concepts are increasingly present among the brands. Take for example the capsule collection, which is becoming more and more widespread. It is defined as a temporary product line. A capsule collection consists of a few items in a limited series to promote the brand. There is also co-branding, which is a collaboration between two designers. Finally, there is the cruise collection, which is an intermediate mid-season collection.

The collection cycle

The permanent collections are often preceded by a fashion show that presents the different products. The collection will then be put on display in the shops about six months after the fashion show. The aim of the fashion show is to show the products and especially to arouse the curiosity of the public and potential customers. In Haute Couture, there are the shows for the Spring-Summer collection, called SS for “Spring-Summer”. Then, the Autumn-Winter shows are organised and are called FW for “Fall-Winter”.

C-LOG’s expertise

As a recognised specialist in the Omnichannel Supply Chain for Fashion and Lifestyle, C-LOG does everything possible to ensure that the collections are distributed to the shops on time. It is able to prepare all of the collections for each client in the best possible conditions.

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