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1PL, 2PL, 3PL … How to choose your logistics provider ?

You want to outsource your logistics to the best logistics provider at the lowest cost and you do not know where to turn ? You hear about logistics provider concept 1PL, 2PL, 3PL, 4PL, 5PL and you do not understand the difference ?

A short tour of explanation of these logistic terms !


Logistics provider : what differences?

1PL logistics provider

The 1PL logistics provider is for professionals with transport offer. It therefore allows you to outsource transportation.


2PL logistics provider

The 2PL logistics provider manages the flow routing. It is therefore a service provider who will offer you a transport outsourcing and warehousing offer.


3PL logistics provider

3PL is a company specializing in warehousing and transportation but also offering support in the continuous improvement of performance.


4PL logistics provider

The 4PL logistics provider masters all the supplychain flows. At the same time specialist in logistics and transport, he also advises his partners and ensures the proper execution of these.


5PL logistics provider

The 5PL provider offers the same logistics solutions and transport solutions as the other service providers, while supporting its partners with innovative automated solutions.


C-Log, YOUR logistics provider

C-Log is entering the category of 5PL logistics provider. Indeed, C-Log, textile logistics specialist offers various offers to its partners today :

C-Log accompanies you from the beginning of the realization of your logistics outsourcing project until its realization. C-Log also accompanies you throughout this one by proposing you continuous improvement axes.

In addition, technical innovations are available to ensure you always more productivity for your business.

To trust C-Log is to rely on a supplychain expert.

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