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How to succeed a marketing operation in its points of sale ?

The Retail market is in trouble, everyone notices it. At first, the digital takes a place more and more important. But distributors must continue to showcase their best asset: their store fleet and their outlets. Whether for shops, agencies or restaurants, the implementation of the campaign must imperatively match the message of the brand. The quality of implementation of merchandising and showcases is more than ever decisive. Who has never seen an excellent concept deployed in bad conditions ? Discrepancies between POS, damaged furniture element, when it is not windows not ready in time due to a problem in the supply chain … This is why marketing logistics must be irreproachable.


The importance of the physical deployment of the concept

First, the point of sale is changing. The decline in general attendance in shopping areas makes key the issue of attractiveness in stores. The presentation of the offer on the websites must recreate an appetite towards the point of sale for the consumer. X% of customers have already visited the website.
Then, the deployment of mobile technologies (applications & geolocation) will amplify in the coming years this phenomenon, at the cost of significant investments. It is therefore essential that the merchandising in place and the windows are particularly well cared for. This is to avoid creating disappointment when the customer moves from the digital universe to the physical. The brand image accompanying the entire customer journey must be perfectly homogeneous.

A famous phrase says that only a fool or an economist can imagine infinite growth in a finite world. One could paraphrase by saying that if creativity has no limits, technical and budgetary constraints tend today to standardize concepts. Beyond the flag-ships and some remarkable concepts (Bonobo, Undiz …), the ILV / POS paper have beautiful days in front of them. Indeed, well-worked, they can continue to surprise and attract the public. Paper therefore remains an economic and fundamentally ecological support when it comes from sustainably managed forests. What about marketing logistics ?


The implementation of an operation: impressions, marketing logistics, cost control, which equation to find?

The marketing logistics strategy implemented can be deployed successfully by working on three axes :

  • The brand must be able to rely on an anticipated and robust planning of the sales plans: integrating the brief, the design and the manufacture of the elements, the delivery
  • It must be attentive to the market to be able to rework its operations according to the results and not hesitate to launch new operations in a very reactive way, in connection with digital campaigns
  • The brand must amplify its ability to personalize its promotional activities in an increasingly fine network of points of sale … while controlling its budgets, in a context of often decreasing expenses.
Marketing teams often use the same marketing logistics providers, with whom they have a relationship of trust, well-oiled work habits. These providers, communication agencies or live printers, are familiar with the brand and how it works. But the constraints of technique or load can quickly lower the creative inclinations.
Manufacturing agencies can then be a resort, insofar as their knowledge of the market allows them to access multiple manufacturing skills and play more easily on planning capabilities.

Finally, their buyer skills must also enable them to make a difference in the long term. Provided you create a real partnership with the customer and not just a simple interface role.
The logistics dimension is also essential. The operations become more complex, such provider can realize a kakemono, another flyers or stop-ray, or a last will provide Christmas accessories …

Marketing logistics must not be neglected.

The retailer must be able to group these products on a platform, and put them in a single kit supplied to the store.

This is why it requires :

  • Ability to absorb significant flows. Marketing logistics must be able to play on its time and productivity, to perform often urgent operations !
  • The ability to create kits of any size. Marketing logistics will benefit from attending pre-meetings (briefs, merchandising workshops …) to anticipate its constraints
  • The ability to create customized kits (different groups of customers per price, language …)
  • A distribution force to deliver international packages out of the ordinary, in a necessarily short time since it is the last link in the chain.
  • A customer service to proactively manage transport risks, necessary to ensure the expected time.
  • The imperative provision of a control portal by the marketing logistics allowing points of sale to reassort. This tool guarantees the homogeneity of the fleet and increases customer loyalty.

Thus, we see that marketing logistics operations are becoming more and more specialized. Digital campaigns already went beyond the traditional business of marketing, purchasing skills or digital. Our customers meet these issues on a daily basis. Physical campaigns now also require new and better adapted skills and organizations. The brand that will best affect his client is the one who will master this expertise.

By Maxime Blanchet, Global Store Solutions Manager

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