At C-LOG, we favor the quality of the service. We build for you a tariff offer that is transparent and consistent with your activity


Logistics tariff grid : transport tariff

First of all, when you request a logistics and transport quote, we can offer you a transport tariff schedule that is perfectly adapted to your needs. Then, the C-LOG transport tariff schedule includes all the services marketed at the best logistic and transport rate. In conclusion, the best logistics and transport provider, C-LOG is committed to providing you with logistics and transport rates negotiated with our partners, leaders in their respective markets. Check our transport offer here.

The best transport logistics quote

Do you want a transport logistics quote ? A key expert in the ecommerce and retail supply chain, C-LOG is recognized as the best logistics provider. Indeed, C-LOG supports brands in their multichannel development in France and abroad. We offer tailor-made logistics and transport solutions.

When companies contact us in the context of a logistics and transport call for tenders, we are committed to providing them with the best logistic rate. To consult our logistics offer, it is there.

For any request for a logistics and transport quote, we invite brands to complete a logistics and transport questionnaire. This will serve as a basis for the study of their needs and the realization of the transport logistics estimate.

Then, if the brands have a set of logistics and transport specifications, we invite them to provide us with these elements to carry out the response to the call for tenders for logistics and transport.

On the other hand, our transportation logistics estimate will detail the logistics site or logistic warehouse recommended for the customer’s activity. But also, the human resources and the associated organization as well as the declination of computer developments. Then, the bidding documents will specify the logistics logistic scale or transport logistics estimate. This is based on the data transmitted by the customer. The logistic tariff grid distinguishes between fixed costs and variable costs.

Best logistic price

A question will naturally arise to you. Do you want a cheap logistics or the best logistics and the best logistics offer of the market ? At C-LOG, we favor the quality of low-cost services that are sometimes available on the market. C-Log is one of the best logistics providers in France.



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