Import and customs

International transport : Import and Customs

C-LOG relies on a global network of partners, specialized in international transport, to coordinate your import flows. We take care of the entire management of your products, both for import and export, thanks to our import and customs offer.

Monitoring and optimization of maritime, rail, air and road transport

Import of finished products and raw materials

Do you want to sell finished products or raw materials imported from other countries in Europe or the world? We provide you with various solutions for working on imports:

  • Specialized teams with unique interlocutors
  • Supplier transport management – warehouse
  • Cross-dock logistics operations upon receipt
  • Customs operations in our warehouses
  • Document Management
  • Multi-brand, multi-supplier consolidations
  • Optimization of deadlines and costs (loadings in LCL / FCL).
  • Transport in bulk, flat, cardboard wardrobe, hanger (GOH on bars or cords)


Management of export files (outside Europe)

To facilitate your exports outside Europe, C-LOG has set up a complete system that manages both cross-trade and the proof of exit of your goods. We also give you advice on choosing the most suitable transport:

  • Export of raw materials: Maghreb, Turkey, Eastern countries to France
  • Export from France
  • Cross-trade (ex: Turkey> Morocco)
  • Export customs management
  • Monitoring of discharge documents (EX)
  • Advice on the choice of Incoterms and modes of transport


Management of financial guarantees

Work import-export with peace of mind with solid financial guarantees on the goods:

  • International support
  • Adaptability to country specificities
  • Long-term banking partnership
  • Daily documentary credits, documentary delivery, stand-by


Billing and indicators

Easily manage your invoicing and optimize your accounting with our specific services:

  • Audit of transport and customs invoices
  • Validation of invoices and monitoring of assets
  • Construction and monitoring of indicators (KPI)



Customs clearance of goods for your international transport

Make it easier for your goods to go through customs – both for import and export – with our personalized support packages. C-LOG has notably the OEA-FULL certification which attests to our expertise in customs simplification and security of operations.


Authorizations and certifications

  • OEA-FULL certification
  • Simplified customs clearance of goods in warehouses or at ports / airports
  • Bonded warehouses


Customs operations management

  • Customs optimization
  • Import / export declarations
  • Regulatory watch
  • Organization of customs classification of products
  • Stock accounting monitoring


Our assets for the management of your international transport

Entrust us with the management of your international transport. Thanks to our partnership with a network of reliable carriers and our expertise in customs matters, grow your business and sell your products all over the world. C-LOG offers you:

  • Global expertise on the upstream flow (transport, customs, document management)
  • Partnerships with many carriers: loyalty, purchasing conditions …
  • To work with a structure, member of the WCA network
  • A tailor-made service adapted to your specificities
  • A dedicated organization – Offices Antwerp
  • A close and trusting relationship with our transport partners


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