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Fashion logistic specialist

As specialist in logistics for textiles, C-LOG offers you several services, from the packaging of your products to the management of the returns, through the careful delivery to the customer. An ideal service for all ready-to-wear brands, whether the sale takes place in the physical shop or on the Internet. From our logistics platform, your textile items are shipped to your customers and entrusted to reliable carriers with whom we are used to collaborating. Choosing our textile Logistics formula is also to take advantage of tailor-made services for your garments: ironing in pre-sales, sewing and recovering of the garment after sale, high-quality and personalized packaging, delivery slip to your image… And if you want to improve your customer relationship, discover our Extra-log offer that allows you to have the perfect traceability of orders, real-time reporting, tracking of your KPIs and full interactivity.

Because you require personalized solutions bringing together different flows from your suppliers, your inventory, your stores, your carriers and your customers, C-LOG offers logistics solutions tailored to your needs :

  • Incoming goods
  • Quality control and management of raw materials
  • Storage
  • Order preparation
  • Shipping
  • Reverse logistics



  1. Advanced information system knowledge
  2. High-adaptability equipment and processes
  3. Capacity to support great growth prospects
  4. Innovative and efficient Tools : automated systems (sorting machine, mini load storage system), manual processes, high-end IT systems



With the know-how of the fashion and luxury sector, our teams have been trained to specific standards of retail logistics. We have a high-end warehouse located less than an hour away from Paris. Also, we are able to offer high added-value services to our customers (sewing, ironing, fashioning, sublimation). Our added-value can also be found in the BtoB and BtoC personalization services we can provide (third-party marketing, addition of customer messages, protective paper, price removal, textile printing, personalized delivery note…).



For several years, C-LOG has developed tailor-made solutions for animation and service at points of sale :

  • Storage and shipments of goodies, POS, posters, Kakemonos…
  • Dispatch/Kitting of POS
  • Co-packing services of all types and formats
  • Express Transport France and International, professional and private
  • Packaging Solutions (packaging and wedging)
  • Printing of communication media, catalogues, flyers, POS…
  • Logistics of other non-market products: consumables, supplies…
  • Management/Mastering of computer hardware

A unique, E-Commerce, ergonomic and intuitive order portal makes it easy to take control and manage budgets. We also have a strong capacity to adapt to the demand of our technical and process resources.

Finally, our added value lies in the respect of commitments and often limited delivery times during targeted event marketing campaigns.


But also…

The quality control of your products can be entrusted to us. Some types of checkpoints :

  • Respect of delivery time, quality of packaging…
    Respect of the technical dossier: measuring points/garments
    General visual Control: Tasks, holes, drawn wires, printed
    Presence and conformity of vignettes: composition, maintenance, size
    Opening and closing of buttons, zip and pressure, seams

We have a specialized expertise on the management of materials : quality control of fabrics, cutting of rolls in several sections, sending to the converters…

Finally, C-LOG offers its customers packaging, standard packaging or customized solutions according to their needs :

  • Design and manufacture of cartons and envelopes: E-commerce parcels, envelopes, business operations boxes, gift boxes…
    Personalized printing with different levels of finishes
    Study on demand and proposal for new solutions
    Package timing and Closure Solutions
    Analysis of the value of packaging to make it consistent with customer and operational needs


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