Since its creation, C-LOG has been committed to reducing its impact on the environment through daily actions.

This commitment was concretized in 2019 with ISO 14001 certification on all C-LOG sites.

Sensibilisation aux écogestes

C-LOG employees are regularly made aware of environmental issues through communication media.

  • GREEN IT : regular reminder of the actions to adopt for reduced consumption of digital tools: sorting emails, turning off computers in the evening, simplified email signature, limiting printing or in black and white / double-sided and on recycled paper… C- LOG also uses the Lilo search engine.
  • Sorting and waste management : use of reusable mugs and cups to limit waste, sorting bins are available in offices as well as in warehouses. A Green Booklet containing daily eco-gestures and waste management on sites is distributed.
  • Reusing of boxes : 50% of boxes from the Beaumanoir Group’s textile suppliers are reused for shipping store orders
  • Raising awareness of carpooling / eco-driving : in the summer of 2019, C-LOG employees participated in a business-to-business challenge on carpooling.

"The implementation of the ISO 14001 standard has made it possible to develop environmental issues in the company. Their advancement is only possible through the investment and involvement of each employee. Therefore, employee awareness is important and necessary in order to involve everyone in respecting eco-friendly actions, sorting waste, implementing actions to deal with significant environmental aspects… "

Céline Lefèbvre, C-LOG Quality Manager

Beehives and vegetable patch

Since 2015, C-LOG has hosted beehives from local beekeepers on its sites. Once a year, a distribution is made to all employees. 26 beehives are now installed on 3 C-LOG sites.

On our Cambrai site, a shared vegetable patch is also available.

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Green transport

For the past year, C-LOG has been testing green delivery for Breton stores. Thanks to a partnership with the transporter DROPBIRD, the stores of Rennes and Saint-Malo of our partners are supplied by an electric truck.

The deployment of this service responds to C-LOG’s commitment to evolve towards a more environment-friendly supply chain.

Other delivery solutions in Île-de-France are being studied.

recycled waste in 2019
less DIB in 2019
parts delivered by electric truck in 2019