Human resources

A healthy and secure environment

C-LOG puts the well-being of its employees at the heart of its human-sized structures and prevention of arduous work and the risks of professional wear and tear:

  • Establishment of safety, security and hygiene rules
  • Muscle awakening every morning in warehouses to prevent injuries
  • Workstations adapted to the needs of each employee and their missions
  • Robots to improve arduous work and repetitive tasks

Respect of rights

C-LOG is committed to giving everyone a chance, regardless of their background, age or background

  • Gender parity in warehouses and support businesses
  • Privileged disability work thanks to “sheltered workshops” and a disability mission set up in 2020
  • All age groups from 18 to 62 and all types of experience
  • A stimulating environment where the passion for the product drives the teams
  • Inclusion policy for specific trades in partnership with dedicated organizations
  • Few hierarchical levels and teams on a human scale

Professional development : internal development

In a context of sustained development, internal development occupies a strong place at C-LOG. Many motivated and versatile employees have been able to evolve in the company, within their department or by changing their core business. To understand these desires for development, managers meet their teams.

  • Annual individual interview between the employee and his manager to take stock of the past year and discuss the professional project
  • Valuation of acquired experience and versatility: transversality between the operational and head office professions
evolution interne c-log

"C-LOG has been able to support me by offering me an evolving career plan that allows me to fully develop my functions.

After having worked in the logistics operations, methods, processes and projects departments, I am currently responsible for the Saint-Malo site.

I am convinced that each professional career is unique and built through a relationship of trust. "

Emilien Lepeculier, Head of the Saint-Malo site

Awareness of our values

The values of C-LOG have been identified and confirmed through a participatory process with all of our employees. They are the DNA of our company and are run daily by our management.

  • Proximity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Commitment
  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency
  • Audacity
years of service on average
disabled employees