Sustainable construction

Among its many skills, C-LOG has a team of building experts who participate in the development of environmentally sustainable constructions. Every detail is thought to save energy, promote renewable energy, and create an ideal working environment. An environmental audit is carried out each year at all of our logistics sites.

  • Energy monitoring and KPIs to control our expenses
  • Construction waste management
  • Insulated docks to save energy
  • Use of solar panels
  • Use of natural or LED lighting
  • Intelligent lighting that adapts to the light level
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Installation of wind turbines

The C-LOG warehouse in Saint-Malo has obtained HQE (High Environmental Quality), Affilog three stars (complement to HQE) and THPE (Very High Energy Performance) certifications. It is the first European warehouse to obtain this triple certification.

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" We have been systematically building labeled buildings since 2008, and have extended this quality to our old buildings through renovation phases.

I can only note the sharp drop in our consumption and an improvement in the working conditions of our employees."

Servan Jouanin, Technical Manager and New Works

gas saved in 2019
of electricity saved in 2019
of water saved in 2019