What is the point of outsourcing your e-commerce logistics ?

The Cadre & Dirigeant magazine published an article on e-commerce logistics. As we mentioned in the article “FEVAD unveils its e-commerce balance sheet for the third quarter of 2021”, online sales are growing at a lightning speed. In order to keep pace and thus meet customer demand, e-commerce companies must have increasingly efficient logistics.



Outsourcing your e-commerce logistics is an excellent way to benefit from the expertise of professionals in this field. Indeed, the service provider will use his skills and thus take charge of all logistics operations. He will do everything possible to meet the requirements of his client in order to be as efficient and profitable as possible for the latter’s business.

Thus, the logistics provider will deploy several logistics solutions depending on the customer’s demand and industry, such as product storage, order preparation and returns as well as inventory management and shipments with the various carriers.



Working with an e-commerce transport provider and / or e-commerce logistics provider has many advantages for your business. It is a way for e-commerce companies to focus on their core business. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing e-commerce logistics:

  • Benefit from the geographical position of the service provider’s warehouses
  • Minimize logistics costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Take advantage of your service provider’s own values
  • A reduced need for Human Resources
  • Save money compared to the purchase of equipment
  • Benefit from the skills and knowledge of expert professionals in this field
  • Relieve the difficulties related to flow management



At C-LOG, we offer you a tailor-made offer for your e-commerce activity. Collaborating with our C-LOG teams means having the opportunity to work with a company that is expert in e-commerce logistics. Indeed, it means taking advantage of our expertise on:

  • Management of activity peaks
  • Return management & after-sales service
  • Numerous international transport solutions: last mile, home delivery, delivery to a relay point or even click & collect …
  • Customized packaging according to your needs
  • Quality control
  • Real-time traceability and Click to possession tool
  • A high-performance after-sales service

In addition to our expertise in e-commerce logistics, we also have know-how in e-commerce transport. Indeed, we have around thirty e-commerce transport services. The C-LOG team coordinates your e-commerce transport while negotiating transport prices. We find the best logistics and transport solutions to meet your demand. Our goal is to satisfy you but also to satisfy your customers!

To find the entire article in the Cadre & Dirigeant Magazine > E-commerce logistics : the cost of success