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Positive developments for the fashion industry

Des évolutions positives pour l’industrie de la mode

Recent years have been marked by multiple crises that have contributed to the emergence of new models. These events have transformed our lifestyles and thus created new consumption habits. We have also witnessed the development of digital.

This digital transformation has had significant consequences on a large majority of business sectors. For some, this development has been very beneficial. When it comes to the fashion industry, it has created several fruitful changes.

Fashion industry players who invested in their logistics and supply chain management and who also went digital before the crisis now have a competitive advantage.



Since the appearance of covid-19, new consumption habits have emerged. In this context, retail has had to adapt and transform to meet customer needs in the best possible conditions.

As a result, e-commerce has experienced tremendous growth and continues to grow even though in Europe, online shopping represents only 22% of the market. This trend is a challenge for fashion players who must look into omnichannel, create new platforms and rethink their process. In other words, they must adapt as they go and as quickly as possible.

Take for example the luxury industry. The latter was able to develop its digital transformation at the right time by successfully taking up the challenge of e-commerce. In 2020, Luxury doubled its weight and in 2021, it recorded double-digit growth.

In addition, it should still be noted that physical retail remains omnipresent. Indeed, 90% of buyers return to the store if the offer suits them and if the atmosphere suits them. But that’s not all, the in-store customer experience also plays a major role. Physical stores must therefore renew themselves in order to offer a personalized experience to consumers. This omnichannel gives brands the opportunity to create a link and interact with their customers.



In order to meet the needs and expectations of customers, it is essential for retailers to stand out and above all to have a cutting-edge logistics organization :

  • An anticipation of market trends
  • Flexibility, responsiveness and adaptability are the key words
  • Digital and omnichannel are essential for optimizing the entire Fashion Supply Chain

At present, with the global context which has generated new consumption habits and the increase in the cost of raw materials, sourcing and transport, it is above all necessary to reinvent oneself. Indeed, it is essential to transform its offer but also the retail as well as the Supply Chain.

To carry out this challenge, brands in the fashion industry have the opportunity to collaborate with experts in this field.

To find the full article from Journal du Net > New winning models in the fashion industry

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