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Preparation of commands

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Automated order preparation

C-Log specializes in retail supply chain and ecommerce. Beyond receiving and storing our customers’ products, our business is also multichannel order preparation, cross-channel order preparation and omnichannel order preparation. Consult our retail logistics offer.

The best provider for the preparation of large orders

Indeed, we carry out the preparation of the orders manually when the activity of our customers is adapted to it. For this, we use radiofrequency terminals also called vipers. However, when the activity of our customers presents important volumes, and that pretaporter textile articles lend themselves to this operation, the preparation orders textile can be automated. In fact, in our various logistics warehouses, we have several high-speed sorting machines that can process up to 12,000 pieces per hour from over 300 simultaneous distribution points.
Our teams are trained in textile order preparation. They have technical means and ergonomic equipment to facilitate the handling and handling of textile ready-to-wear products and more generally the equipment of the person.

Preparation orders, shipping, delivery

Once this step is finalized, we proceed to the shipping and delivery of goods.
The products are previously deposited in packages. For products called flat, standard packages are recommended. For products that need to be put on hangers, flat boxes or special boxes are preferred by our customers. The logistic cartons can be of variable formats. We are at your disposal to study the dimensions of packages best suited to your business.
Then we proceed to packing and strapping the boxes to ensure perfect security of the goods.
Finally, at the end of the preparation of orders and delivery, we label the parcels in an automated way and make them available to carriers and transport partners.
If you want seamless delivery, fast delivery, short delivery times? Trust C-LOG.

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