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The logistic supplier textile or Logistician textile is a strong link of your activity. In fact, logistics is an essential lever to guarantee your sales and long-term customer satisfaction.

Sometimes considered as a cost factor, your logistics must be optimal to ensure the competitiveness of your trading activity.

This first comes through the choice of a good logistical provider, interested in accompanying you in the realization of your project of outsourcing or change of provider.

For this purpose, here are some tips and good practices for choosing your Logistician textile.


Develop specific specifications for the textile Logistician

This is the starting point before you start the search for your logistical provider. The realization of a precise specifications is necessary to take a tour of all your needs.

Start by listing the needs related to your business, as well as your business goals. In addition, some important factors should guide your decision.

For example, you will need to determine the periods for the sale of your products, the volume required to store the merchandise, the delivery options, etc.

All these elements will be indispensable to choose a logistician according to the real needs of your activity and core business.


Check the reliability of your logistics provider

Once you have identified your goals, you can now start the search for your logistics provider.

Be aware that the reliability of a textile logistics provider is much better read through its own customers. Thus, after having listed the providers to contact, do not hesitate to meet their customers to ask for information about the quality of their services, the deadlines, the respect of the commitments, the coherence of their offers, etc.

This will allow you to quickly assess the level of performance and credibility of your textile logistics provider. This will then give you the opportunity to choose a supplier whose services meet your objectives.

It is also a good idea to visit trade shows in your area of activity. You will be able to meet directly with logistics providers.


Check your Logistician’s computer system

In logistics, the computer system is an element that influences the communication between you and the textile logistician. When it is optimal, the flow of information will be more fluid and fast.

This will allow you to ensure the traceability of your products in real time, in order to honor your commitments to your customers.

Since every step of your logistics (supply, preparation and shipment of,… products) requires reliable information, it is essential to properly analyze this aspect before choosing your textile logistics provider.


Check the storage capacity of the logistics provider

When the customer makes his order, it is the logistic service provider who provides all the customer services.

This being so, it is important to know its storage capacity to be sure to meet your customers ‘ expectations.

In addition to a reliable information system, a good e-commerce provider should adopt a good method of organizing its warehouse. Moreover, depending on the type of products sold, your logistic provider will have to offer you suitable delivery solutions. This helps to minimize transportation costs and deliver your customers on time.


Favor a confirmed logistics provider

Supplychain requires sharp know-how and proven experience in stock management. The whole process requires optimal organization and skills tailored to your goals.

You understand that only an experienced logistics provider will be able to offer you a quality service. Therefore, the choice of a specialized supplier will allow you to provide an efficient after-sales service.

A textile logistics provider will provide the entire supply chain for your online store or retail network. This demonstrates the importance of choosing your logistician to maximize your sales and give satisfaction to your end customers.

Follow these tips and you will choose the best possible partner for your supply chain.




Whether you are selling textiles, clothing, professional clothing, accessories, leather goods, footwear or jewellery, you need to be accompanied by a textile logistics provider specializing in this sector. of activity.

The textile logistics provider you choose will have to specialize in supplychain for textile products and whatever the distribution channel. The channels can be ecommerce, retail, multichannel, crosscanal or omnicanal.


The peculiarities of the fashion sector and the Ready-to-wear

The increase in the volumes of textile purchases in Asia, the increasingly rapid renewals of the collections in the own stores and the other retail outlets of the retail network, the price tensions and the increase in distribution costs Forces brands and signs to rethink their logistical and supply chain organizations.

Textile logistics is certainly one of the most complex to grasp by the quantity of references to manage, the diversity of flat and suspended products, the multiplicity of sizes and colors. The complexity of the distribution is also a major issue for brands whether it has a network of outlets in its own, a network of franchised stores or even multibrand retailers. The increase in power of the digital has also made complex the multichannel management, crosscanal and then omnicanal of the Supplychain.

The delivery time requirements multiplied, in 48 h, then in 24 h, then in the day and the flows diversified (complete cartons, multi-piece orders and Monoparts), with shipments to the stores, to the final ecommerce customers, or to other logistical platforms. Today, few providers are able to respond to all these issues related to the evolution of trade and even more so in a fashion sector that has its own specificities.