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Supply Chain Magazine interview: Gwendal Buzulier, Industrialization Director at C-LOG

INTERVIEW SUPPLY CHAIN MAGAZINE : Gwendal Buzulier, Directeur de l’industrialisation chez C-LOG

This year, C-LOG inaugurated the e-commerce logistics hub at its Poupry site in Eure-et-Loir. Today, C-LOG, an e-commerce transport provider and e-commerce logistics provider, develops and designs its autonomous mobile robots. Internally, the company has created a new industrialization and innovation department named “C-LOG Robotic” in order to carry out its project.


To find out more, find the full interview with Gwendal Buzulier, Director of Industrialization at C-LOG, in the June-July 2022 issue of Supply Chain Magazine.


Mr. Buzulier evokes in this interview several major points on the creation and design of this project:

  • The origin and the reasons that led C-LOG to design and manufacture its own robots in the heart of its workshop in Brittany.
  • The innovation and creativity of the C-LOG teams for the benefit of its partners in order to respond more effectively to their expectations.
  • The continuation of its development and transformation.


As Gwendal Buzulier points out, “Our group is also distinguished by the fact that it is possible to easily carry out entrepreneurial actions”.

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