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Supplychain optimisation

Optimizing the supply chain of our customers is our priority. Innovation, flexibility, service, traceability are at the center of our concerns

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Optimization of the brands supply chain

With strong growth and ever more competitive, retail continues to evolve. Supplychain players are following suit to respond to warehouse modernization, inventory visibility, supplychain optimization and order preparation in the various distribution channels.

Optimize your ecommerce logistics

Figures and studies bear witness to this. E-commerce has become obvious for everyone, e-shoppers, retailers and manufacturers. Its growth remained very strong, + 14.6% of sales in 2016 (according to the FEVAD).

E-traders in full boiling

With the recent emergence of omnichannel, retailers are taking a close look at supplychain optimization. In addition, they implement concrete ways to improve the customer experience. Optimizing ecommerce logistics and omnichannel distribution is becoming a major issue for brands. Indeed, it is the players of the omnichannel who are experiencing the strongest growth. In continuity, logistics plans have been reshaped in response to the demands of e-shoppers and competitive pressures.
Marketplaces have continued to multiply commercial offers, promotional events, thematic meetings … and partnerships, multiplying logistical activity peaks and complicating the supply chain organization.

Actors of the supplychain very optimistic

Directly impacted, logistics and transport providers have never been so much solicited by supplychain tenders as for the past two years. The main problem for brands is supplychain optimization, or how to optimize its ecommerce logistics.

Supplychain Optimization – Transport Optimization

The transport organization is also clearly impacted by the change in Retail. Today, logistics providers must be ready to ship record parcels volumes in a very short time. Indeed, flexibility has become one of the key words for providers facing their customers. The delivery stage requires a lot of efficiency and more flexibility. Never before has the field of deliveries and transport solutions dedicated to ecommerce been so wide. In recent years, logisticians have had to shorten their deadlines and delay their cut-offs.

In 2016, some carriers even doubled home delivery time slots, offering tailor-made slots from 6am to 10pm, sometimes even more in the Paris region. In the transport organization, the management of the peaks of activity remains an obligatory passage for the brands and their subcontractors. It needs to be constantly optimized.

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