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Sustainable delivery is gaining popularity

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The Canadian supply chain software publisher DESCARTES has unveiled its annual study on the sustainability of home delivery. On this occasion, it surveyed 8,000 consumers in nine countries in Europe and two in North America.



This study demonstrates the growing consumer appeal for more environmentally friendly deliveries.

In fact, 60% now say they are interested in these possibilities compared to 50% in 2022.

The subject demonstrates its importance by the number of consumers who say they are ready to abandon their purchase on a site, 59% of them if they are not satisfied with the efforts made by the merchant. In fact, 60% are interested in more environmentally friendly home delivery.

In one year, home delivery has gained followers, with 55% choosing it as a delivery method for reasons of practicality.

Among environmentally friendly delivery methods, delivery by carbon-neutral method tops the most interesting possibilities for 60% of respondents. Note that several proposed solutions appear ultimately less costly for merchants: group all my orders over a single given period into one during multiple deliveries in my region, group all my orders during a given period, a single delivery at the end of the week…

Consumers are ready to no longer buy from an online retailer if they judge that their actions are ineffective.

On the French consumer side, 63% are now concerned about environmental protection compared to 56% last year. 47% even make their purchasing decisions based on the environmental impact of the retailer.



To respond to these new consumer concerns, transport providers must offer concrete solutions to make their e-commerce deliveries more environmentally friendly.

So, a few simple procedures can be put in place :

  • Make deliveries by electric truck or bicycle
  • Group together orders from the same region as much as possible to fill a truck, even if it means making delivery longer
  • Offer locally made products for sale online
  • Use cardboard and reusable packaging and
  • Choose packaging adapted to the size of the products to minimize wasted space, and use reusable cushioning
  • Propose specific delivery slots to limit redeliveries

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Picture : @engage.descartes.com

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