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The supplychain of C-Log, the other pillar of the Beaumanoir group


During his interview for FashionNetwork.com, Eric Bourgois, General Manager of the Beaumanoir Group, highlighted the importance of the supplychain subsidiary C-Log.

State of the Beaumanoir Group

At the head of the group for more than one year, Eric Bourgeois has breathed his vision of the group Beaumanoir. Beyond the human aspect that touched him deeply, he was impressed by the development of the company in the Chinese market.

Regarding the axes to be developed, the digitization of the group is a priority as well as the proximity with the customer. The main ambition of the group at the moment: to become number 1 of the customer relationship. As he recalls, one in two French is a customer of the group, so this link must become stronger and stronger. The Vib’s concept (bringing together Cache-Cache, Bonono and Bréal) will mean a significant development with a goal of inaugurating 50 stores to reach within three years. Finally, the concept of “ship from store” will soon appear after its success on the Chinese market.

The advantages of the omnichannel supplychain of C-LOG

Eric Bourgeois then shared his vision of C-Log, the group’s logistics subsidiary. For him, the supplychain company has an indisputable impact on the development of Beaumanoir. In addition to controlled logistics for the group’s brands, the external brands are also perfectly supervised and contribute significantly to the volume of business of C-Log since they now account for 25% of it. For Eric Bourgeois, C-Log is a specialist in the omni-channel supplychain that is constantly growing, thanks to the recent acquisition of the Belgian company EW-Logistic based in Antwerp.

This vision recalls the importance of the supplychain on the current market. Adapting its offer to a brand and a market is not easy, but today C-Log meets all the needs of its customers : ecommerce logistics, textile logistics, transport and customs are expertise that the company is proud to master perfectly.

To read the full interview, visit FashionNetwork.com

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