Focus on your core business by outsourcing your logistics and transportation, quelquesoient distribution channels.


As a first step, some brands choose to invest in internal logistics. They consider that they keep the total control of their distribution chain. Others choose to free themselves from this constraint and gain flexibility to better focus on their core business. It prefers for this the logistics outsourcing transport.

Why Logistics Outsourcing transport ?

To entrust its logistics to a specialist supplier of your sector of activity will allow you to benefit from logistical expertise and transport omnicanal and international. It is also an opportunity to enjoy a supportive capacity in growth by the best performance of the market. Innovation, big Data, automation and mechanization solutions,… Indeed, your provider will put to your benefit the day before he realizes the evolution of omnicanal trade and the future of retail.

Les raisons d’externaliser sa logistique et son transport sont multiples :

  • vous reposer sur le savoir-faire d’un prestataire spécialiste de l’omnicanal
  • vous concentrer sur votre cœur de métier
  • être accompagné dans votre croissance
  • bénéficier des dernières innovations en termes de technologies et de traçabilité
  • bénéficiez de coûts avantageux en terme de stockage mais également de transport

Choose Logistics outsourcing transportation at the lowest cost

Beyond the know-how provided by your provider, the logistical transport outsourcing will allow you to achieve significant savings. For example, you will benefit from the pooling of human resources, technical means, equipment and processes.

Furthermore, thanks to its network of it partners, transport, Supplychain, you will benefit from competitive logistics and transport tariffs. In fact, they are negotiated on a regular basis by the commercial and transport teams of the claimant in question.

In conclusion, C-Log offers you a turnkey solution to successfully complete your transport logistics outsourcing the first time. We offer you efficient and innovative technical means. But also, human resources experienced in logistics and retail transport. Finally, we have in-house specialized skills in Supplychain computing and global engineering. Our overall culture of distribution and our values are assets also acclaimed by our customers, leaders in their respective markets.


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