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A coherent logistics tariff offer

At C-LOG, we realize that it is important for our customers to outsource their logistics and transportation. The remaining priority to optimize costs. In order to reduce the supply chain costs, we accompany you by proposing the best price offer. We need to offer them the best transport logistics rate.

C-LOG is committed to offering you the most competitive offer to help you save money. Our business proposition is based on the best solutions in terms of operations, costs and services.

Flow optimization is an integral part of the accompaniment we provide to our customers. Our commercial tariff offer takes into account all the specifics of your business. For example, the typology of your products, receptions, special storage or packaging constraints…

Construction of a transport logistics tariff

Our tariff offers and our transport logistics tariff are generally structured as follows:-A fixed package that includes the area allocated to your business, equipment, administration and stock management.

-Variable rate lines, to the unit of work, to the part, to the order or to the parcel.

Indeed, these tariffs detail the standard services of reception, storage, preparation of order, dispatch and management of product returns. But they also specify other cost elements. For example, special operations, logistical inventory costs, specific services, customizing orders, asylum Packages or asilage and packaging (cartons, crates, pouches,…).

Finally, a financial simulation is presented to you during the delivery of the answer to the tender. The logistics transport rate is detailed by Delivery.

An optimized transport rate grid

Thanks to its network of carriers, C-LOG offers you the best rates for B2B and ecommerce transport in France and internationally. These tariffs are negotiated with each of our import and export partners. To see our transportation offer, it’s that way.

Furthermore, for e-commerce, we provide our customers with downstream transport solutions with postal delivery rates, in relay points, by appointment, in less than 2 hours and in express delivery all over France, in European Union and outside the European Union.

On the other hand, for your B2B or retail distribution network, C-LOG lets you take advantage of standard, fast and express transport solutions. Delivery times range from J + 1 to D + 2 and competitive prices compared to conventional couriers.

In collaboration with its forwarding partners, carriers and other suppliers, C-Log organizes the upstream transport of your products from abroad to its warehouses. We offer services and rates tailored to the customer’s needs. In conclusion, the logistical transport rate is carried out on a case-by-case basis according to the business strategy of our customers.


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