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VOXLOG – C-Log, innovation as key to competitiveness

c-log innovation technologique

This Wednesday, VOXLOG dedicates an article on the technological development of the logistics and the transport of C-LOG, “A success story little known but whose course deserves to be underlined


C-LOG, a recognized omnichannel supply chain provider


In this article, VOXLOG retraces the textile and technological logistics history of the company, from the implementation of its first high-speed sorting machine, to its first stacker crane until its change of WMS under INCONSO.

Behind the mechanization of the Saint-Malo site, there is also an intelligence about the process, designed according to the needs of each of the site’s customers. A factor of cost in terms of handling, space and intelligence but which allows C-Log to offer its customers a seamless logistics and to deliver in particular every day about 1,500 stores in Europe : “Sales arrive at night in the computer interfaces and we start to prepare them from 5am in the morning. Around 1pm, we ship and the store is delivered the next day. In terms of driving, the ideal is to have a central stock perfectly controlled and to send the stocks of very fine where you are almost certain to sell it. Hence the interest of having an OMS. Brands are advancing on the subject. We are currently piloting a dedicated project for the group,” continues Bertrand Chabrier, Development Director of C-LOG. A software project but not only, because at C-Log, the development is abounding.

On the strength of its success, the company continues to set ever more ambitious goals and develops logistics and transport projects.

Discover the full article : C-LOG, innovation as a key to competitiveness

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