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Julien’s testimony

Warehouse Manager at C-LOG

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” I first knew the Cambrai site as a temporary worker in 2006 on the docks. It’s been 12 years already! Quickly I was offered a position on the standard in temporary contract, then I got a position of Team Leader in permanent contract.

After passing the quality service, the Morgan company passed under Beaumanoir flag. At this time, I worked hard for the implementation of the WMS. Then, as Team Leader I went through all the services until C-LOG offered me the responsibility of the site. I of course accepted this mission on the spot. So, I was fortunate to be able to set up a work organization close to my employees and to serve Morgan or Damart clients.

Today, I am very proud of my team and our results. It is an exceptional adventure. “

Julien, Warehouse Manager at C-LOG


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