At C-Log, our warehouses are specialized in textiles and our equipment perfectly adapted to the requirements of the fashion and luxury sectors

Textile storage

Textile storage requires special attention and equipment.
Your service provider must have a textile storage warehouse. In addition, he will have specific equipment such as a mechanical rise on hangers.
At C-Log, we have warehouses dedicated to the textile and equipment of the average or high-end person. They are located less than an hour from Paris, in northern France and in the West.
Our storage facilities have been specially developed for textiles. For example, whether pallet racks, shelves for packages and flat products, structures for the suspended.
Finally, we have mechanized and automated solutions for textile order preparation. Whether large volumes such as miniloads, still called stacker crane and high speed sorting machines.

Textile storage, we know well since our staff is trained in the specificities of textile quality and logistics pretaporter and luxury.
We ensure the reception of textile products of our customers flat or on hanger then we carry out the quality control of the products with 100% or on the basis of a sample. For this, we measure several points of control: measurements, quilting quality, finishing, seams, measurements, colors, buttons. For more information on our logistics offer, it’s there.
We control the safety of textile products, products with high added value. Indeed, our logistics parks are guarded, remote monitoring is present on all of our sites. In addition, video surveillance 24/24 h indoor and outdoor is provided. Finally, the access of the site to the staff and the exteriors is entirely controlled.

Ecommerce storage warehouse

Beyond the textile storage for the btob, we have a large storage capacity ecommerce. Our ecommerce storage warehouse is located in Brittany, in the North. but we also have warehouses less than an hour from Paris, near Compiegne.
Our operational teams are qualified and experienced in the business of textile logistics ecommerce, personal equipment, shoes, …
Indeed, they are versatile and multi-skilled, trained in the specificities of retail logistics and the specificities of ecommerce.
We are recognized specialists in the e-commerce supply chain. Indeed, we have expertise in the support and implementation of mechanization systems. We also offer innovative solutions for our customers’ ecommerce and digital business


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