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What does a logistics manager do ?

Que fait un responsable logistique

Logistics is an essential sector in its own right in the sales industry. It corresponds to everything that refers to the management of flows in relation to transport but also to packaging, handling or even supply. This activity is supervised by a logistics manager, also called “Supply Chain Manager”.



The logistics manager ensures and manages all the flow of goods in order to guarantee an irreproachable quality of service to best satisfy customers. Its role is to coordinate all the logistics operations of the warehouse. The objective is to reduce stocks, costs and lead times, always with a view to performance. He must also ensure compliance with safety and hygiene standards.

It is important to note that the logistics manager has missions that may vary depending on the size of the company but also depending on the products present in the warehouses.



A logistics manager must be versatile since, in fact, his missions are very varied.

At first, as we mentioned before, he or she manages the flow of goods and stocks to meet the deadlines imposed by his or her partners. To carry out its missions, it is essential to interact with the various departments of the company (management, warehouse manager, reception, etc.).

Secondly, this item requires ensuring that costs are contained as soon as possible. It is therefore necessary to identify the most interesting circuit in terms of costs, always respecting the deadlines.

A mission just as important as those previously mentioned, it is necessary to control the quality of the goods. Logistics, like a large majority of business sectors, has a number of standards. The quality approach is part of it. All flows must comply with this approach and therefore managers ensure that the rules are properly implemented.

In addition, in order to meet customer requirements, the company’s logistics managers must maintain a permanent relationship with them. This need can be linked to delivery times, the quality of the service but also of the products. Keeping a link with your customers is also to resolve potential disputes. At the same time, it is essential to continuously exchange with suppliers, always with a view to satisfying the various players.

In addition, being a logistics manager also means supervising your team. Indeed, depending on the size of the structure, he is required to supervise dozens of employees. He develops his team’s schedule and evaluates its performance. To respond to this concern for performance, the person coordinates and animates his team through daily “briefing”, interviews, meetings, etc. In this function, it is essential to create a collective identity so that the team is motivated, productive and engaged. In addition, the logistics manager organizes an annual interview with each employee of his team in order to take stock of the year and understand the wishes for development.



In order to enlighten you on this profession, several C-LOG warehouse managers have highlighted the challenges of the latter. Within C-LOG, the role of logistics manager corresponds mainly to that of team leader. We are going to introduce you to this position.

First of all, we can count three fundamental challenges of the job of team leader :

  • Satisfy the customer in terms of quality of preparation and delivery time
  • Manage your teams in terms of development, skills development, motivation but also well-being at work
  • Perpetuate its scope, that is to say that the team leader must achieve the objectives

To meet these challenges, team leaders must :

  • Anticipate organizations: management of activity peaks, management of schedules, etc.
  • Animate the teams: training, “briefing”, evaluations, day-to-day management.
  • Manage the results in order to have a global and in-depth perception of warehouse operations thanks to performance indicators: “Key Performance Indicator” for the operator, KPIs for the team to then measure the results. He or she must also guarantee compliance with the processes.
  • Ensure safety on its perimeter: check the wearing of safety shoes by employees and check compliance with all instructions.
  • Support the customer relationship: be proactive, respond to requests, build a relationship of trust with the customer
  • Contribute to continuous improvement

Thus, the logistics manager or team leader has many responsibilities. It is a very complete and rewarding profession with varied missions. You have to be versatile, rigorous, organized, attentive but you also have to have an analytical mind.


Discover the job of team leader through this video > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzPGQUj_kYA

Do you also want to join the C-LOG adventure as a logistics manager / team manager? Go to our Recruitment area to submit your application!

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