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What is last mile logistics?

Qu’est-ce que la logistique du dernier kilomètre

Last mile logistics is the last step in the order delivery process. This step plays a decisive role in logistics and in particular in the smooth running of the delivery chain.

As far as BtoC is concerned, it includes home delivery to the consumer but also includes delivery to a relay point, locker, post office or even Click and Collect (= distance purchase with collection in store). The last mile of BtoC is the one that requires the most logistics operations and therefore requires the most in-depth study.

As far as BtoB is concerned, this corresponds to the supply of stocks to the various physical stores.



This step is important for a variety of reasons.

On the one hand, it strongly influences customer satisfaction. If disputes arise during this last segment, all the work done beforehand may be altered. This part must therefore be seriously studied in order to minimize all the complications and delays that may occur.

On the other hand, it is more expensive than the transport of goods over the long distance. Thus, it is important to focus on it in order to reduce its financial impact.



It should be noted that approximately 20% of transport costs in the supply chain are generated by the last mile. C-LOG makes every effort to reduce these costs through its network of partners. Choosing C-LOG as a logistics provider and/or e-commerce transport provider also means benefiting from expertise throughout the delivery chain, including last-mile logistics. Of all the transport services offered by C-LOG, about ten fall under last-mile logistics :

  • Home delivery
  • Relay point delivery
  • Consignment Delivery
  • Delivery to post office
  • Store Delivery
  • Delivery on specific time slot
  • Sunday delivery
  • Back to Mailbox
  • Return to post office
  • Return to Store
  • Return to Relay Point
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