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Why and how to outsource its transport ?

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Transportation becomes a key factor in business success. Delivery of the last mile, multiplication of delivery service offers… These terms are essential and brands must understand and master to ensure their development.


Outsource your transport : why should you think about it ?

Stubbornly keeping your transportation in-house may be a disadvantage for you and your business. Internally, this can be a source of tension and organization due to lack of skills and skilled manpower. Your reputation can be jeopardized if the quality of the service offered to your client is not guaranteed.

Various advantages are available to you if you decide to outsource your transport. Outsourcing means entrusting a service to a service provider who masters the know-how, has a network but also already trained employees. You are therefore available to focus entirely on your development. To rely on a professional is also to count on a team of experts that will allow you to be responsive to specific requests.


How to choose your transport provider ?

Before making your choice, you must think about what your provider should offer you in terms of support and services for your national and international transport.

At C-LOG, our status as a freight forwarder allows us to offer you a wide range of services: we benefit from an easy-to-use multi-carrier interface, offering you various delivery options for your B2B or B2C transport. We are able to offer you various transportation solutions :

Our multi-carrier and multi-client Relationship allows us to benefit from advantageous rates thanks to a negotiation on volumes.

Our dedicated teams accompany you and are at your disposal to offer you a personalized service. For each request we have a solution.

Our tools give you visibility on your shipments in real time. This gives you access to accurate reports whenever you want.

You benefit from state-of-the-art tools such as real-time traceability, but also from after-sales service and specialists at your disposal to find tailor-made solutions.

Outsourcing its transport can therefore increase flexibility and competitiveness while focusing on its core business.


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