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Opening a warehouse dedicated to Marketing Logistics

New C-Log warehouse

C-Log announces the start of a new 6,000m² warehouse in Pleudihen-sur-Rance, dedicated to POS logistics

Global Store Solution, C-Log’s POS and marketing logistics offer

Named Global Store Solution, the warehouse supports the logistics of all POS, merchandising and supplies that the network and the points of sale need for their commercial animation. Indeed, that tonight printing, IT asset management, supply management, logistics and transportation.
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About our POS logistics offer

Customized solutions for your network :
  • Receipt of your supplier or supply orders by us
  • Computerization of stocks, including for products without a barcode.
  • Preparation of orders for your points of sale via Extranet portal
  • Referencing your specific products and common products
  • Order validation circuit (sales or marketing managers)
  • Budget monitoring
  • Enveloping and shipping within 24 hours


Realization of advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Receipt of POS and documents produced by your printers / fitters
  • Realization of unique kits for your stores, in a few days
  • Co-packing services of all types and all formats
  • Express transport France and International, professionals and individuals
  • Printing of communication media, catalogs, flyers, posters, PLV …
  • Enveloping and shipping within 24 hours
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Import and customs

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Transport tools

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E-commerce Logistics

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