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Place on Black Friday 2018

black friday c-log

The Black Friday 2018 edition will take place on November 23rd. This year again, the event promises to beat new consumer disks, as long as it stays on the internet. The Digital Factory returns to the key information of this operation.

Black Friday 2018 : The expected figures

Each year since its arrival on the French market, Black Friday disks: average account, turnover or number of participants in the event. The numbers show the growing appeal of consumers. This solid progression is contributing to the health of the e-commerce market. Black Friday is expected to reach 1.3 billion euros and 90 billion sales in 2018.

The motivations / expectations of the French

What are the French really expecting from this event ?

Although some see it as a brand trap to push for consumption, there are more and more participants in the event. 1 in 2 French people will participate in Black Friday 2018. This aspect is accompanied by an increase in the amount spent per consumer. For the 2018 edition, the French count indeed spend 212 euros on average.

The main motivation of consumers remains the possibility of enjoying advantageous rates as Christmas approaches.

The omnichannel supplychain : a significant importance for the success of Black Friday

Who says exceptional operation, said supplychain adapted. To meet this peak of extreme activity, it is imperative to be able to rely on an experienced provider and omnichannel specialist.

At C-Log, we rely on this expertise supplychain omnichannel Fashion, Beauty and Accessories. Our knowledge of Retail and E-commerce allows us to offer logistics and transport solutions tailored to your needs.

For more information, consult our logistics and transport offers.

To read the full article : https://www.usine-digitale.fr/article/black-friday-les-promos-de-novembre-et-les-achats-de-noel-atteindront-19-milliards-d-euros-selon-la-fevad.N770154

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