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ECOMMERCE MAG : “The new challenges of logistics”

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Ecommerce MAG is back on the “new challenges of logistics” for the years to come. At the heart of its new challenges: e-commerce and B2B delivery. While consumers want to get their products at the most attractive rates, as soon as possible and under the best conditions, market professionals are turning to an omnichannel strategy to This problem directly concerns logistics providers who must respond to this strategy while including an environmental approach to their activity.


The concept of fast delivery at the heart of logistics optimization

To shorten deadlines is the number one issue to satisfy the consumer, be it B2B or B2C.

On the retail side, the answer is “ship -from-store “: the store itself becomes a mini-warehouse and participates in the optimization of e-commerce logistics.

Carriers also have their role to play in responding to the increase in express orders. The goal of the brands for their e-commerce transport : to get as close as possible to a delivery in D + 1, but also to leave the choice concerning the niche and the place of delivery. The main point is the express delivery, even in the hour. Some have already aligned themselves and offer a service to meet them.

The development of E-commerce hubs is helping to meet its new deadlines : strategic location, setting up financial resources, innovative “transport and logistics management tools, mechanization…


The CSR approach: new challenge for logisticians

The notion of CSR approach is increasingly finding its place on the supply chain market, both in terms of transport and logistics, in response to consumers’ new convictions. The customer wants to find meaning in the product he buys, but also in the customer experience that accompanies it. The last-mile transport specialists are developing their green delivery offer using bicycles or electric vehicles.

Another point related to this approach is the need to offer packaging that will have the least impact on the planet: by dialing Recycled, reusable, with a suitable size … The manufacturers compete ingenuity to meet this new demand of the brands themselves.

E-commerce in particular, is not today considered a green market, on the contrary . Carton makers have to come up with new ideas to reduce the empty space in cartons or to offer more environmentally friendly containers.

But this desire to do the emptying also obviously addresses a cost problem for brands, which want to save the least euro.

The omnichannel and sustainable development are the key themes to meet the new challenges of the supply chain.


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