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Which delivery options to choose for your e commerce transport ?

As an Ecommerce Professional, quality of customer service is your priority.

You want to offer a unique shopping experience but do not know how to do it.


Why choose your e-commerce transport strategy ?

E-commerce Nation highlights here the different delivery methods that may apply for your e-commerce offer.

Before choosing the offers to offer to your client, it is important to determine your image and service objectives vis-à-vis the client. Note this important figure: 55% of e customers will not go to the end of their purchase if the delivery proposals do not suit them. So it is important to propose various possibilities.

After a bad delivery experience, few customers will want to turn to your site again for any purchase.

An adapted and quality service is therefore essential if you do not want to taint your reputation.


Why choose a provider for e commerce transport ?

E commerce transport is a unique know-how that must be carried out by a professional.

Entrusting your e commerce transport allows you to focus on your core business while ensuring quality service.

Today, various modes of delivery are possible and are the basis of all sales and trade.
Standard home delivery: it is the preferred mode of internet customers. This one allows a comfort of purchase to the consumer who does not need to move to recover his order.
Relay point delivery : this is the cheapest way to reduce your costs because it gives you the option to drop several of your packages at the same place. It also allows the customer to recover his parcel with a consequent freedom.
Express delivery : it ensures your customer a fast delivery and therefore will return a good image.


Why choose C-Log for e commerce transport ?

Beyond these standard services and as a supplychain expert, today C-Log offers various services to satisfy your customer. These offers focus on the delivery of the last mile of e commerce transport and adapt to your needs.

More than thirty solutions are now proposed by C-Log :

  • Home delivery
  • Relay Point Delivery
  • Delivery in Luggage
  • Delivery in post office
  • Delivery in store
  • Delivery on specific time slot
  • Sunday delivery
  • Back to the Mailbox
  • Back in Post Office
  • Back in store
  • Back to Relay Point


If you want more information, do not hesitate to consult all our solutions in e commerce transport.

To find the full article of E-commerce Nation > https://www.ecommerce-nation.fr/options-de-livraison-choisir-e-commerce/

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